Do you ever wonder how much a habit can cost? I do not mean how much it can cost in the moment. I am talking over a sustained period of time.

I am not in a position to tell anyone to stop any particular habit because I have some expensive habits myself.

I took the liberty of looking into how much some habits can cost.


I recently shared a day with a co-worker who smokes cigarettes. He smokes a pack a day. Spending time with this co-worker got me thinking about how expensive this habit can be.

I am not here to tell you to quit smoking if you do, I am just here to analyze the numbers.

Where I live, the average cost of a pack of cigarettes is $12.

A pack a day costs you $84/ week which equates to $4, 368/year. Over the course of 10 years the total number is $43, 680. That does not account for inflation.

That money would look better in my savings or emergency fund.

Eating Out

I fall into this habit at times and regret it most of the time. The cost of this habit varies depending how you eat out. Eating fast food frequently may not cost as much as dining frequently.

When I eat out twice a week spending $20 every time, I end up spending $160 by the time the month is over.

This equates to approximately $2, 000/year and $20, 000 over 10 years.


I used to spend $60/month on coffee. Now I spend significantly less after receiving a coffee maker for Christmas.

Buying a coffee everyday can add up very quickly. The issue with this habit is that spending $3-5 every morning can seem so harmless.

$60/month means you will spend $7,200 over 10 years.

As I mentioned before, my intent is not to boss anyone around. I am simply looking at the numbers.

If you’re a victim of these habits and/or other habits, you may want to look at the numbers as well.

Quitting or minimizing some habits can help you save money. The Opportunity cost of some habits may be greater than you realize.


  1. This is great info! I don’t think people realize the amount of money they are leaving on the table with some of these habits. I absolutely love my coffee, but I use my coffee maker, and shop around for great deals on good coffee and stock up when it’s on sale. Last I checked, I’m spending about $.15 a cup.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Coffee is definitely a sneaky expense in my opinion. It wasn’t until I started tracking my expenses that I realized the money could be spent somewhere else

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      1. I agree! Many people see it as $1-2 a cup so they think it’s pretty cheap, but if they are drinking 1-2 cups per day, that adds up in a hurry. That’s not even taking the expensive lattes and the like into consideration!


  2. The dreaded “eating out” habit! I usually fall into that habit because I’m just too lazy to cook for myself. Cooking for yourself is a lot cheaper than you might think, and you can make everything how you like it! I loved the post, thank you for the content!


    1. Thank you for taking the time to read this post!

      I have to admit to my laziness as well at times, but it can get costly. A while back I used to spend $300 on eating out and now I put that money towards groceries!


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